Directory of ocean-going Research Vessels

The compilation of a directory of all ocean-going research vessels worldwide is coordinated by EurOcean. This directory contains characteristics, owners and operator information for all marine and oceanographic research vessels, larger than 60 meters. The content format is in conformance to the Oceanic database, that was operated by the University of Delaware, and that provided support for compiling the initial version of the Directory together with ISOM.

The database is being progressively populated. EurOcean is approaching all operators, that are managing research vessels larger than 60 meters, to validate and to maintain their RV entries. Therefore on-line functionality has been developed that allows identified operators of Research Vessels to edit and to alter their vessel information themselves by a Content Management System. At the same time qualifying operators are invited to contact EurOcean by e-mail, so that their entries will be included.

One important aspect of the development of the ocean-going Research Vessel Directory is the use of a unique and consistent vocabulary for Ship codes, which can be used also to establish mutual links between the 3 metadatabases of the International Research Cruise Information website. The content governance of this key vocabulary is managed by ICES and BODC.

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