International Research Vessel Cruise Programmes

The compilation of a database of planned ocean-going cruises is coordinated by BODC. A survey format has been defined, which forms the basis of the database. This format is used by BODC to contact operators and to collect information on the planned cruises for the coming year. The collected information is compiled and finally edited by BODC. The information is then regularly transferred by BODC to MARIS for publication on the International Cruise Information website. In summary, a versatile User Interface has been developed, which supports user queries of the database by combining geographical and alpha numerical search criteria.

The database is being progressively populated from a growing number of operators. BODC is approaching all operators, that are managing research vessels that undertake ocean-going cruises. At the same time qualifying operators are invited to contact BODC by e-mail, so that their entries will be included.

Next to delivering cruise planning information in bulk, there is also an online Content Management System available that enables qualifying operators of research vessels to update the planning of their ocean-going cruises regularly online. Contact BODC for an online account.

Query the database of Planned Cruises - Quick Search

Query the database of Planned Cruises - Extended Search

Check the tutorial how the Extended Search Interface works

Updating Cruise plans via the online Content Management System