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International Research Vessel Cruise Programmes

The compilation of a database of planned ocean-going cruises was initially coordinated by BODC and currently has been taken over by MARIS and JCOMMOPS. The Cruise Programme directory is maintained with input from the operators of the research vessels using a survey format. Operators can deliver their planning as a file for import into the database. This file has to conform to the survey format. Alternatively, operators can use an online Content Management System (CMS) to update the planning of their ocean-going cruises regularly online. The database is published with a versatile User Interface, which supports user queries of the database by combining geographical and alpha numerical search criteria.

The database is being progressively populated from a growing number of operators. MARIS and JCOMMOPS are approaching all operators that are managing research vessels that undertake ocean-going cruises. At the same time qualifying operators are invited to contact MARIS or JCOMMOPS by e-mail, so that their entries can be included, using the file exchange options or through an account in the CMS.