Opportunity for sampling/participation on cruise? A16N partial

Particularly seeking nutrient measurements.

Brian King has let us know that there are opportunities for participation on a cruise this summer that will occupy part of the A16N section in the Atlantic. The cruise will be on the Discovery (Discovery 368) and will leave UK on July 15 2011, and arrive in Tenerife on August 4. The cruise will work a section roughly along 48N from the UK shelf break to 20W and from there go south following the A16N section to at least 24N, possibly further if time allows. This cruise is also included in the POGO database.
The cruise will follow the line of the 2003 A16N occupation. Station positions for 2003 can be seen at CCHDO (http://cchdo.ucsd.edu/). Note that a full A16N is planned for full GO-SHIP occupation in 2013. The section will intersect the 24N GO-SHIP section taken in Jan/Feb 2010.

• There are about 10 free berths at the moment.
• 60 full-depth CTDO/LADCP/VMADCP stations will be taken at 30nm spacing
• 24 x 10litre rosette
• About 500 DIC/Alk samples will be taken for analysis ashore (PI Eric Achterberg)
• There will be a nutrient autoanalyzer on the ship, but currently no one available for doing the measurements at sea.
• Watchstanders available to draw samples for 24 hour operations
• Oxygen titrations will be done on the ship
• No transient tracers planned yet

If you are interested / can contribute to filling gaps in
measurements on this cruise, please get in contact with Brian King,

Best regards,

the IOCCP office and Brian King